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UndoTheEgo's podcast

Discussing all matters relating to serious spiritual growth! Suitable for students of Dr. David R. Hawkins, A Course In Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, Buddhists or any serious spiritual seeker who understands or who wants to understand the workings of the ego and consciousness. Also included are shows on different aspects of consciousness, reviews of spiritual books, and coverage of spiritual concepts with occasional interviews. This is a replay of the show 'Consciousness, Ego Enlightenment!' carried by CFBX radio 92.5 FM the X, in Kamloops, BC Canada. Hosted by Cara Beckett.

Jul 30, 2020

It's not always easy to just watch your mind (being mindful), especially when you are just learning to be mindful. Rather than pure vipassana (insight clarity) meditation, you can go through your day, watching the mind, by throwing your ego a bone.

We throw a dog a bone to keep it busy. You can do this with your ego, by suggesting that there are specific things going on in your ego that can be watched for. This show discusses a few 'bones' to offer your ego, to keep it busy and stop it from pulling you back and away from mindfulness.

Due to covid 19 restrictions, all shows are now pre-recorded and air on Thursdays at 10AM.